The Fourth Path

Mercy / Loving-kindness / sharing / Abraham / Cooperation

Chesed is a drink of fresh, pure water, a reward and refreshment.

Chesed, also called Gedullah, is the comforter, the restorative, the silver lining.

Chesed is the “Right Hand of God.”

CHESED, or “Mercy,” is the reward when we survive GEVURAH; It is where we can drink deep of the joy in life, and show appreciation. TIPHARET is justified through GEVURAH into the bounty of CHESED. CHESED, on the same level as GEVURAH, has the same authority.

The Zohar associates Chesed with Abraham, because his love for God was so great that he was prepared to sacrifice his own son at the Holy command. Isaac is associated with Gevurah, perhaps partly because of his anger for what had almost been done to him.

The Realm of Soul

Chesed, forming a triad with Tipharet and Gevurah, balances three forces: The Heart (Tipharet), Judgement (Gevurah), and Generosity (Chesed).

Chesed is from the same root as the word “Hassid,” as in “Hassidic Jews.” A Hassid is someone who is fervently religious, who goes above and beyond the call of duty out of devotion and love of God.

From Chesed flows the merciful qualities of the Divine intelligence.

Potentials of Chesed: Deep love, bliss, tenderness, abundance, achievement, preservation, respect, enthusiasm, leadership, optimism, caring, safety, protection, trust, success, well-earned rewards, generosity, gratitude, realized interpersonal love and union, insight, knowledge, understanding, and learning.



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